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JXDOLL in Stock - USA

What models do JXDOLL Provide in USA? 

All the sexdolls in this page are in stock now! You can buy these cute ladies from JXDOLL or our authorized vendors for the authentic JXDOLLs, if you have any questions on this, do not hesitate to contact us thru:

Why Choose JXDOLL Stocks in America?

1. More affordable, the in-stock order can save you 300-400usd totally. Less shipping fee(free shipping), less costs for bulky production. We aims to offer the most affordable & quality silicone head dolls. 

2. Considerable configurations. All the in-stock dolls come with Implanted hair/eyebrows/eyelashes+gel filled breasts+gorgeous facial makeups+basic body painting work+standing feet.

3. Fast shipping, no longer waits. For orders of in-stock dolls, 2-7 work days' delivery is promised. 

Where can you ship dolls to?

For Stocks in USA, we mainly ship dolls to USA native states. For Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and countries: Canada, Mexico. 400-500usd extra shipping costs are needed, so we highly recommend the custom orders that can save your budget on the contrary.

For more details, just contact us, we will reply soon.